a culturally liminal space is most familiar, orbiting the things which are lost in shift. existing in linguistic hybridity, I write from an ethnically ambiguous body experiencing the self and colliding with the other. my work is autofictional and falls largely into the realm of poetry, often responding to my investigation of personal lineage and what is carried / uncarried after migration. I am interested in religious dogmatism, code-switching, cultural performance, love and nostalgia. (artist statement, 2019)


ternura / tenderness, a poetry chapbook from bottlecap press

“Orchestrating an impasto collection of emotive and tonal shifts, from softly spoken to defiant, it is clear to me that Yanni’s poetic presence is waxing, a glimmering orb amongst other contemporary constellations. Reading one moreish poem catalyses an urgent desire for the next, a clever domino effect that interlinks subjective schemas with well-articulated energy.” (reviewed by Alice Hill-Woods for Spam Magazine)

selected creative publications

“MUTT” Under the Belly of the Beast (Print)

“catholic school uniform” Mujeristas Collective Issue IV (Print)

“La que guarda secretos” Hinchas de Poesia

“the yanni girls” “family group chat” & “bilingual” DREGINALD

“love poem” & “slipping / el ofo” TRANSMISSIONS FROM PLANET YIKES (Print)

“the bilingual imagination” DUM DUM Zine (Print)

“it’s because i’m a gemini!” & “I like your organsMetatron Press #MicroMeta

“reading plath at 11pm” sublet projects

zines + exhibitions


ambiguously ethnic



family values



Editor, Sublevel Magazine (Issue 3: Stamina)


Art + Activism


DUM DUM Zine Issue 6 Release at The Echo (May 2019, Echo Park, CA)

Emotional.Store Reading + Performance Night (August 2019, LA, CA)

El Cid Marathon Reading (April 2019, Silver Lake, CA)