ternura / tenderness, a poetry chapbook from bottlecap press

“Orchestrating an impasto collection of emotive and tonal shifts, from softly spoken to defiant, it is clear to me that Yanni’s poetic presence is waxing, a glimmering orb amongst other contemporary constellations. Reading one moreish poem catalyses an urgent desire for the next, a clever domino effect that interlinks subjective schemas with well-articulated energy.” (reviewed by Alice Hill-Woods for Spam Magazine)

selected poetry publications

“Beginning” & “Flirtation” SARKA
“I am a smart girl” & “growing pains” SPECTRA Poets
“proximity : leaving LA” Pom Pom
excerpts from “canon” Mizna 22.1 (Print)
“language arts” Altadena Poetry Review
“the family secret” (Launch Prize Finalist) Poetry Online
“on deprivation” voicemail poems
“grammar games” “sepulchre” & “existence, mapped” Sumou Mag
“final confessions” The Quarterless Review
“abode” Hooligan Mag
“late bloomer” feelings
“retrospective on belonging” Maudlin House
excerpts from “church camp” rivulet
“the yanni girls” “family group chat” & “bilingual” DREGINALD
“the bilingual imagination” DUM DUM Zine (Print)
“it’s because i’m a gemini!” & “I like your organsMetatron Press #MicroMeta
“reading plath at 11pm” sublet projects

anthologized poetry

INFINITE CONSTELLATIONS (Ed. Khadijah Queen & K. Ibura, University of Alabama Press, 2023)

reviews, interviews, and journalism

Review of Jhani Randhawa’s Time Regime, Full Stop
Review of Sheila J. Sadr’s Birthday Girl Full Stop
Review of Matt Mitchell’s ‘notes’ SPAM Cuts
Getting to an Imperfect, Queer Center: Interview with Marlee Grace Autostraddle
Review of Kamala Puligandla’s Zig Zags Full Stop
Reading List for the Revolution: Angela Davis & Radical Inspiration for 2021 Autostraddle
Interview: Molly Allis on Queering Children’s Animation 24700
Interview: Meet Jessica Wawra (Kesselring), Hauser & Wirth’s Summer Curatorial Resident 24700
I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone: Interview with Chastity Belt’s Julia Shapiro BUST Magazine